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The proper storage of drinking water needs to be considered if we wish to obtain the optimum vitality and health of water. Water is a life carrier. It is itself alive and needs to be stored in such a way as to enable it to attain and maintain its natural condition.

Another important consideration is the shape of the container. "Comprehend and Copy Nature" was Viktor Schauberger?'s maxim. Nature has selected the egg-shape for the storage and preservation of life and vital fluids, not only for animal reproduction, but egg shapes such as grains and seeds. The egg shape generates a soft etheric energy which it imparts to its contents.

It is best to store water protected from the sunlight and kept in the dark, removed from sources of light, heat and atmospheric influence. Care should be taken to ensure that the storage vessels are insulated such that the water can be kept as cool as possible. Porcelain is one of the materials most suited, it has a porosity well suited to water storage allowing a small percentage of the water to evaporate
through the walls of the vessel.

Movement is an expression of energy and energy is an expression of life. The internal circulation produced by the evaporation-induced differences in inner temperature
constantly sweeps the internal surfaces, so that no stagnant zones exist suited to the propagation of pathogenic bacteria. The evaporation causes a cooling of the outer walls and
the adjacent water. This cooler and denser water is heavier and sinks toward the bottom, at the same time displacing the water in the bottom and forcing it to rise up the centre and
move towards the outside of the vessel. This process causes a constant circulation and cooling of the contents.

The use of cork as a material for the lid is deliberate. Like wine, water needs to be kept in the dark, sealed with a breathing cork.

Considerable effort and research has gone into creating this vessel. Following his studies of Viktor Schauberger's hyperbolic mathematics, Callum Coats pioneered the shape some 20 years ago, and with his assistance Living Water Flowforms has now brought this to fruition.

The shape of the AMPHORA is derived precisely and mathematically from an inclined section through the Schauberger hyperbolic cone. This beautiful egg will not only maintain the vitality of the contained water, but the finely-tuned porosity and resultant evaporation over the whole of the outer surface assists in cooling and maintaining its coolness.

The AMPHORA (615 mm high x 450mm greatest diameter) is beautifully hand crafted from porcelain clay and comes complete with hands free push tap, stand and cork lid. The
product is entirely Australian made and will store approximately 42 litres. In future we will be making available glazed AMPHORA models to provide a non-porous vessel suitable for the storage of wine, juice, milk, oil and other precious liquids.

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